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Solutions Development


Your data, your way. This is our philosophy at Lemm Tech Enterprises. We work with you to create real world solutions to the unique challenges that your business presents. When your needs go beyond the “off the shelf” world of software and you are looking for a unique solution, that’s when it is time to contact us.

Using the powerful and easy to use cross platform relational database program FileMaker Pro, we can create a flexible and intuitive program that will solve your business needs and enable your business to grow to the next level. We encourage you to explore this site to learn more about the services we offer and types of solutions we have created for our clients.


Integration Services


Do you need to integrate FileMaker Pro with your accounting system? (QuickBooks, MYOB, etc..) Do you have a SQL server that needs a better reporting tool? Have a web store that you want to integrate with your desktop solution? What to start using bar coding with your FileMaker solution. These are just some examples of the experience we have in integrating FileMaker Pro with third party applications. Let us show you can use FileMaker Pro to manage all your information assets.

Database Consulting


Do you have an existing FileMaker solution that you need some help with? Are you unsatisfied with your existing data management program and are wondering if FileMaker may be  better alternative?

Contact us and we’ll be happy to evaluate your existing systems to see if FileMaker is the right fit for your organization, or if your existing FileMaker system needs a professional developer to get it to perform the way you want. We have over 17 years of experience evaluating data management systems  doing business analysis to help determine the right solution for our clients. Let us put this experience to work for your business.

Data Migration and Conversion


Are you still running on old versions of FileMaker Pro? Are you getting frustrated with the limitations of spreadsheets or your current database application? Contact us to help you solve these problems.  A professional developer can help you meet these challenges and help your business  make the most of your investment in the FileMaker Pro platform.

Are you still using spreadsheets, word processing programs, or a competing database application and are ready too step up to a better solution, but are concerned that you won’t be able to retain your existing data? Please contact us. We have years of experience assisting companies with moving their data out of their existing programs and creating a sophisticated and easy to use solution in FileMaker Pro.

Don’t let your fear of thinking you have to re-enter all your data prevent you from seeking a professional customized solution utilizing FileMaker Pro. We have experience working with a wide variety of data management programs and can help you get started right away towards creating a more flexible and easy to use solution for your business needs.