1. Beets Hospitality Group

    Featured Solution Beets Hospitality Group

    "Using the FileMaker platform, Lemm Tech has created a reliable and easy to use solution allowing our company to run much more efficiently. If you need a custom app for your business we recommend Lemm Tech Enterprises and FileMaker.

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  2. KPAX Pharmaceuticals

    Featured Solution KPAX Pharmaceuticals

    Our FileMaker solution is the central infrastructure of our business, enabling us to function and change easily as we grow. LemmTech Enterprises continues to provide the highest level of service and support.

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  3. MB Contract Furniture Inc.

    Featured Solution MB Contract Furniture Inc.

    The use of FileMaker Platform has made a world of difference to our company both in organization, accuracy, and cost control. We made the right decision turning to Lemm Tech Enterprises in developing our solutions.

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  4. Manfred & Hunt

    Featured Solution Manfred & Hunt

    We are very pleased with the difference a custom FileMaker solution made for our law firm. We highly recommend LemmTech Enterprises and the FileMaker Platform.

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    Your Data, Your Way.

    This is our philosophy at Lemm Tech Enterprises. Let us work with you to develop a data management solution tailored to meet the needs of your business. Don't allow your business to be held hostage by a software program that's not meeting your needs. Contact us today and we'll show you how we can take your data and put it to work for you your way.

    Welcome to LemmTech Enterprises, Inc.

    Thank you for visiting our site, we’re glad you stopped by. Since 1996 Lemm Tech Enterprises Inc. has been delivering cutting edge data manageemnt solutions utilizing the award winning low code  FileMaker database platform by Claris.

    With over three decades of experience creating custom apps using the powerful and easy to use FileMaker database platform we're your choice for custom data management needs. Whether it's from your laptop or desktop on the web, or on your mobile device, contact us to create a custom data management solution to meet your needs.

    Please explore our website so you can learn more about the products and services we offer. In particular learn Why FileMaker is your best choice for custom app development and how it can transform your organization. Allowing you to continue to innovate to meet your business challenges.

    Once you're done we know you'll see the benefits of choosing FileMaker and LemmTech Enterprises so you can always have Your Data, Your Way.