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Work Anywhere

In todays world work needs to happen where you are whether you're across town, or across the world. Having access to your data when and where you need it is critical in today's ever changing world.

This flexibility has been been woven into FileMaker's DNA since the beginning. Since it's a client-server platform the client is always with you. Weather it's on the desktop of Macintosh or Windows computers using FileMaker Advanced, mobile devices with FM Go on the award winning iOS from Apple, or on the web using the breakthrough technology of Web Direct.

The server can be in your office or in the cloud and you can have many servers as you need all serving up your data safely and securely. At 125 databases per server, and up to 1 million tables per file, the FileMaker platform is only limited by your imagination and your desire to keep innovating.

With the FileMaker Workplace Innovation Platform  your data, your way, will always be with you when and where you need it.