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Have your excel spreadsheets gotten out of control and just aren't working for you anymore? Are you fed up with that special program you purchased that was supposed to make running your business so much easier but hasn't? Do you have an existing FileMaker Pro solution that needs professional expertise to get it to realize its full potential?

Use this form to tell us about your needs and we'll contact you to learn more and tell you how we can help. Let us put our 20 years of FileMaker development and database consulting experience to work for you, you'll be glad we did!

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What platform's does  Lemm Tech Enterprises develop solutions for?

 We are experts at developing solutions for all platforms supported by FileMaker Pro;  Macintosh, Windows, Web, and iOS (iPad/iPhone)

Will you install the FileMaker software for my company?

Yes we offer full software and hardware installation for all the FileMaker products on all platforms. This includes the software for both the desktop and server products. We are experts on both the Macintosh and Windows platforms and have extensive experience setting up FileMaker in both environments. We can also setup the computer hardware FileMaker runs on if needed or we'll work with your in house or third party IT staff to get our solutions working for you.

What versions of FileMaker Pro do you support?

For new clients we usually require that they use a currently supported version of FileMaker. We encourage all our clients to sign up for one of FileMaker's annual license programs to insure that they always receive the current version of the software. For new clients will not support any versions not currently supported by FileMaker itself but for existing clients will try to support your version as long as possible.

Do you do remote development out of state or internationally?

Yes we support a number of clients around the country and have experience supporting overseas clients as well. We are happy to provide remote development and support for your FileMaker solution where ever you may be.


Support Options


If you need help with your existing LemmTech FileMaker solution we are here to help you. Please contact us at the phone number listed above or e-mail us. If you are having a specific FileMaker problem you can go here to look through their support resources.

We also offer annual support agreements to provide our clients with regular ongoing support for all their solutions. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the programs we offer.

FileMaker works extremely well directly over the internet via a broadband connection which allows us to offer real time support to our clients. FileMaker Pro is one if the few products that can work remotely over the internet without the need of a third party product like Terminal Services or Citrix which can really lower support costs.

We are committed to providing a high level of support for all our solutions. Please contact us so we may assist you with whatever difficulty you may be having.